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Online kanban board by Kanbanize

online kanban boardKanbanize is an innovative online kanban board developed by the company with the mission to simplify team collaboration and business processes by the power of visual management and Kanban.

This powerful online Kanban board is deployed in a large variety of organisations, from banking to manufacturing. The web based Kanban tool is easy to use and offers many professional features. It will help you visualise your workflow and identify bottlenecks. You will be able to continuously improve the workflow inside your organisation and achieve better results.

The Kanbanize kanban tool can be easily integrated with many other systems (i.e. E-mail, Signavio, Slack, Google, Dropbox and more) so you can easily optimize your working environment and support your teams to achieve their goals.

Being a Kanbanize partner, Intermedio offers its clients advise and training courses on implementing and using Kanbanize so that they can improve process flow and overall efficiency.

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online kanban board