Visual Paradigm version 15 is available

March 2018, Visual Paradigm Ltd. has released version 15 of its popular modelling tool. Below you will find an overview of the most important changes and additions to this release.

Visual Paradigm 15 Enterprise and Professional


ArchiMate 3.0.1 connection rules (Enterprise only)

Visual Paradigm 15 offers support for over 150 new connection rules stated in ArchiMate 3.0.1.

visual paradigm 15 wireflow animation

Wireframes and wireframe flowcharts

Visual Paradigm already had extensive possibilities to model wireframes for applications, apps and websites.
Starting with version 15 it is also possible to connect the wireframes and create a clear wireframe flowchart.

It is even possible to animate this wireframe flowchart so you can visualise the flow of an application or website.

STEPS wizards

Seamless Techniques Expressed in Prescribed Steps (STEPS) is a very powerful function that will assist users in performing repetitive tasks. STEPS wizards guide users for example when:

  • Planning sprints
  • Develop CRUD models
  • Performing a competitive analysis with a Radar Chart (only Enterprise).


Enhanced Customer Journey Mapping

The Customer Journey Tool was already extremely powerful. Now the tool is can support User Experience Designers even better. Some new features:

  • Lanes can now be moved by simply dragging and dropping them
  • Lanes can be hidden (temporarily)
  • Besides naming a stage, you can give it a brief description and have it appear below the stage name.

visual paradigm customer journey mapping

visual paradigm 15 REST api designer

Visual API designer

One of the most exciting new features is the new Visual API designer which makes is possible to design your own RESTful within Visual Paradigm 15. The design can then be generated in accordance with the Swagger 2 or API Blueprint specification.

Visual Paradigm Standard

visual paradigm 15 bi directional project reference

Diagram Templates and Examples

Visual Paradigm Community Circle lets you view and learn Visual Paradigm by importing selected diagrams straight into the Visual Paradigm platform for experimenting.

Bidirectional Project Reference

Project reference is a mechanism to facilitate model reuse across projects and to maintain model consistency among your design. Bidirectional references allow two project model elements to create reciprocal linkage while simultaneously checking for infinite model elements references with cyclical dependency.

More features for VP Standard users

  • User Story 3C’s en Scenario
  • Wireframe en Storyboard
  • Impact Analysis


Visual Paradigm Online

VPository is now called Visual Paradigm Online. Visual Paradigm Online continues to grow and more models become available making Visual Paradigm Online a very mature platform. Major benefits of Visual Paradigm Online are:

  • Wide range of diagram types supportedn
  • Intuitive web editing interface
  • Google Drive integratione
  • Real-time synchronization of diagram
  • Export as PNG, JPG, GIF & SVG
  • Visio stencil & drawing import
  • Multilingual


Complete overview

The above described features are just a subset of all the changes and additions to Visual Paradigm 15. If you’d like to know more about the possibilities of employing Visual Paradigm within your organisation, please contact us directly.