Signavio version 9.5.1 (SaaS) available

Signavio version 9.5.1 (SaaS edition) has been released by Signavio. This version contains significant improvements to several modules of the software. Read about the latest updates and improvements from Signavio. Improvements brought by this latest release focus on the Signavio Decision Manager and have particularly enhanced the simulation feature.

Signavio Decision Manager

Signavio Version 9.5.1Signavio version 9.5.1 decision tables now support hierarchies in the BDM simulation. This removes the need to simulate sub-decisions separately, enabling a more complete simulation of the decision. In addition, when changing decisions in the simulation, the state of the inputs is now adopted for greater convenience and ease of use.

  • When changing decisions with the BDM simulation, the state of inputs is adopted
  • The decision tables shown in the BDM simulation now support hierarchies

Fixed bugs in Signavio version 9.5.1

Apart from several new features, Signavio version 9.5.1 also contains several bug fixes:

  • In the dialogue ‘manage user and access rights’, names of users (and user groups) appear incompletely in certain cases.
  • When opening models in the Editor, the captions are sometimes displaced from the edges.
  • The generation of process handbooks sometimes fails.
  • In the Collaboration Portal, attribute types risks and controls are partially illegible.
  • The generation of a Process Cost Report sometimes fails.
  • In certain cases, the preview of the portal is displayed in the wrong language
  • Sometimes there is data missing which is needed for the analysis of bottlenecks in the process simulation.
  • In the process simulation, certain captions appear differently in the interactive display to the Excel report.
  • In certain cases, process handbooks cannot be generated if diagrams are linked which are no longer accessible.
  • Decision tables cannot be edited in Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.
  • In the attribute list in the Editor, certain dictionary terms are erroneously highlighted as ‘modified’.
  • In certain cases, existing DMN diagrams which use multi-instances decisions can no longer be opened.

Try the new Signavio

Click here to request a free trail of the latest Signavio.


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