The Visual Paradigm Academic Program aims to provide universities with professional tools and software at a low-cost annual subscription. You can provide your students with excellent tools for software design and enterprise architecture.

Intermedio Information Technology from Rijswijk, The Netherlands supports Visual Paradigm clients in Western Europe. We handle your subscription and offer on-site training programs for teachers as well as elearning courses for students.

What does the Visual Paradigm software offer?

Visual Paradigm Academic Program

  • Software design (UML, SysML)
  • Business Process Modelling (BPMN 2)
  • Database Design (ERD)
  • Requirements Management (User Story, Use Case)
  • Wireframing
  • Code Generation / Reversal
  • And many more diagrams, models and brainstorming tools that students can use
  • Free demo software for evaluation is available on your request

How much does it cost?

Partnering in the Visual Paradigm Academic Program costs € 2.400,00 (around $ 2.500,00) a year. For this fee you cover your entire department, teaching staff and students.

As learning should also take place outside classroom, your students are allowed to bring the license keys home to continue using Visual Paradigm outside your institute!

How can I apply to the Visual Paradigm Academic Program?

  1. Apply. Contact Intermedio to start the application process
  2. Approval. You will receive an invoice via email once your application is approved. Sign off the
    invoice with the university stamp. Then send it back to us for verification.
  3. Payment. Settle the payment. Further detailed instructions will be sent to you via email.

What else should I consider?

Visual Paradigm has to access the public license server through the Internet when it starts. Make sure Internet connectivity is available for those computers that will have Visual Paradigm installed.

Is that all?

Visual Paradigm runs great on Windows, OSX as well as Linux, so no problems here. Also there is no need for setting up your own license servers, so no extra stress on your IT department. So yes, that’s all!

Start your application process now!